How to Rip a DVD

Making a copy of (or ripping) a DVD is easy if you have the right tools and a bit of knowledge. This guide will show you how to rip a perfect copy or nearly any DVD to your computer with all the special features, menus and subtitles intact. You can play it just like any physical disk in your current media player but without the need to put the physical disk in the drive.

First you need to download DVDDecrypter & Virtual CloneDrive, both of which are completely free. Install both programs then run DVDDecryptor and insert the DVD you want to rip into the drive. After a few seconds the DVD Decrypter interface will change to show information about the inserted disk, this means it is ready to rip.

The benefit to this method of ripping DVDs is that you get a complete and perfect replica of the disk so all the menus and special features are intact and the resultant file will play exactly as the physical disk would. If you ever lose your physical copy you can use the file created by DVDDecrypter to burn a copy of the original. Also DVDDecrypter will attempt (and usually succeeds)  to remove any copy protection.

The downside is that the copies take up a lot of hard drive space; anywhere between four and seven gigabytes. In a later guide I will show you how to encode these files to make them up to 90% smaller.

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