Now Your Friends Can Share Your Facebook Data For You

Most people who use Facebook are blissfully unaware that it’s not a shining example of online privacy and with new features constantly being added that dole out your information to all and sundry with next to no prior notification and the default option set to ‘on’ the problem does not look set to get any better.

Not that long ago the Social Reader application was introduced which informed your entire friends list when you read an article from any of several popular news sources, then there was the instant personalisation feature which would helpfully put your friends faces below adverts for various products as though they had given their endorsement and now there is a lovely little feature that allows your friends to share your information with third-party applications at the touch of a button.

This is how it works. When you install a new Facebook application you are presented with a brief description of the application and a list of the things it wants to be able to do, like this…  Continue reading