Help Two Genuinely Nice People

A few days ago two of the nicest people I know were robbed in their own home by cowards with knives and baseball bats. Phones, cash and cards were stolen from a young family who were already struggling to make ends meet whilst their daughter slept upstairs. Luckily they were not harmed but they are understandably shaken by what happened to them.

Matt and Kerry have had a lot to do with Occupy Birmingham and practically live at anti-cuts and anti-fascist actions. Currently they are both working on setting up the Solidarity Community Café Wolverhampton. They’ve both given up a large amount of their time to try and make positive changes in the world and then this happens.

If you have a couple of quid to spare and want to do something nice then please click the donate button below and help them to replace what has been stolen. Let’s show them some love and help to restore their faith in humanity.

(I’ve closed donations and sent the money raised to Matt and Kerry. Will post an update when they get it as I’m keeping the amount a surprise for now)

Chinese New Year In Liverpool

When I went out for a walk today I knew it was Chinese new year and I knew that there was a big Chinese population in Liverpool but nothing quite prepared me for the pure awesomeness I was about to experience…