Windows Phone 7 Accent Colour List

Windows Phone provides a set of colours (called accent colours) that the user can select to use as part of their handsets theme. It’s annoying enough when developers ignore the colour I have chosen and override it but it’s even worse when the colour they use is a few shades off the correct accent colour. When you look in the marketplace and see four different shades of windows phone blue it looks a bit rubbish.

I’ve compiled a list of the correct RGB and Hex colour codes after the fold as well as some sample colour tiles with the same details on for you to download and play with. Also, you should note that some of the colours have changed from v7.0 to v7.1 so I have included the old values in brackets for reference.

Colour Name Hex # RGB
Blue 1BA1E2 27 161 226
Brown A05000 160 80 0
Green 339933 51 153 51
Pink E671B8 230 113 184
Purple A200FF 162 0 255
Red E51400 229 20 0
T Mobile Grau Deutschland 4b4b4b 75 75 75
Teal 00ABA9 0 171 169
Lime A2C139 (8CBF26) 162 193 57 (140 191 38)
Magenta D80073 (FF0097) 216 0 115 (255 0 151)
Mango (Orange) F09609 240 150 9
Nokia Blue 1080DD 16 128 221
Orange UK FF6600 255 102 0

Can’t find the colour you are looking for? If you have a Windows Phone with an accent colour that is not on the list please download my app, Eyedropper, and use it to get the hex and RGB values of the colour then post them in the comments.

Scan the QR code with your Windows Phone, click here or search for Eyedropper on the marketplace to get it.

21 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Accent Colour List

    • Hi Peter. I’ve updated the list with the values for Nokia Blue. As I don’t have any handsets other than a Mozart and a Lumia I can’t give any other colour codes so I’ve written an app that should appear in the marketplace in the next few days that will let you get the RGB and hex for any accent colour.

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  2. is their “more” accent colours than those on windows mobile,that can be downloaded cos i totally bored with the colours,it would have been better if you was able to download whatever colour suited at the time,and also i would have liked to been able to change the “background” instead of just light or dark,lovely phone but i feel microsoft could have done better.

    • Hi Tania. No, there are no additional accent colours that you can download however the update to 7.8 that is out in a couple of months will include additional colours and several unspecified new features. Perhaps one of them will be a theme manager?

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